Amount of liquid

Amount of liquid Amount of liquid in a diet of the feeding women has to make not less than l a day, including various liquid dishes soups, borsch, etc.

, tea, juice, milk, kefir, etc.

For increase in development of breast milk it is possible to recommend some the drinks prepared with use of vegetable stimulators lactations i.


to use phytotherapy, which treat a dandelion, nettle, fennel, marjoram, caraway seeds, salad, carrots, radish, anise and so forth.

Apply acupuncture, UFradiation, UVCh and an electrophoresis with nicotinic acid, ultrasound on area of mammary glands, transcerebral diadynamic currents.

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Adaptation At a mix choice the preference should be given adapted, which on to structure are approached to women's milk, though are not identical to it.

For production of the adapted mixes cow's milk is used.

Adaptation of milk is reduced to decrease in the contents in it in protein and salts of calcium, to change in it of lipidic fractions due to introduction of certain quantities nonsaturated fatty acids, and also to increase of the content of sugar lactose, having the stimulating effect on development bifidoand laktobakterialny intestinal microflora.

Adaptation of a proteinaceous component consists in introduction to a product of proteins whey, which, unlike casein the protein prevailing in cow's milk, form in a stomach much more gentle and easier the acquired conglomerates clots, and also provide considerably the bigger approach of aminoacid composition of mix to that of women's milk.

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To prepare

To prepare But parents know that seldom who manages to be engaged all life only pleasant affairs.

To prepare the child for an adult zhiz to work and family duties, we help it to consult with for dachas which do not attract it.

It can house be obliged to Nosta, school tasks, participation in boring family festivals, Chapter .


Change of a surrounding situation following to the mode or performance of necessary procedures.

Many children can forget for some time about the preferences and be engaged than that not too for them interesting.

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Think out tasks

Think out tasks Can tell every time differently.

Most important, that the child understood that every time can be taken not in one subject, and on a little and that it is called to increase.

Think out tasks not only on distribution something between someone.

Tasks of this kind are very evident There were three machines, behind them three more, then three more.

How many only?

To understand it, it is necessary to lay out circles on three and to see three rows, how many all circles.

Or In each box was five pineapples.

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Drags hedgehog

Drags hedgehog Shortbread pie.

Made our cricket jump On the top of the tower He jumped on a twig.

Day and night, screaming rooks.

In the garden at the bench Drives autumn in the sky clouds, The whole day I miss leechki, Dance of the leaves in the yard; In the sky is very fat, Mushroom, put on thorns, Therefore boring.

Drags hedgehog to his hole.

Trickle, trickle, We biscuits with black tea Give me some water on gulls!

Every night we get.

Walking along the green grass goby, Hedgehog, grey chudacek, His flank as zucchini!

Sewed barbed jacket.

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